Ski area management tool

Ski area management tool

Improvement of safety conditions on the track
The main object of the system (over the centralized management of the ski area) is the improvement of safety on the track and the neighboring areas. The system, integrated with the IRS22 module, through real time video content analysis on previous installed cameras, raise alarms concerned potentially dangerous situation/behaviors, as an example we report some of them:
  • Skiers out of track
  • Snowmobile or snowcat on the track during opening hours
  • Excessive skier speed
  • User with inadequate equipment (bob or sled) on the track
In addition to the video analysis for the increase in user safety, the system allows the centralization of the technological systems present in the district, ie:
  • Geolocation of snowcats and vehicles
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Skilifts
  • Snow-making stations
  • Weather stations
  • Synchronization with existing business systems (Access management)


Improvement of safety conditions on the track
  •  Counting people in transit in specific areas through Artificial Intelligence
  • Alarms unauthorized personnel in specific areas
  • Video wall for the monitoring room (also on multi-monitor)
  • Video wall Operator stations (also on mobile device, eg tablet)
  • Remote control of motorized cameras (definition of scanning metrics)
  • DVR system integration (image recording)
The real video time analysis system in can be integrated with ad-hoc hardware solutions.
  • Example 1: the system detects a user with a sled that is about to enter the track.
    Through integration with a siren / speaker with flashing light, it is possible
    automate a multi-language signal + alarm message to deter
    the user in his intent.


  • Example 2: the system detects a snowcat in transit in an area not allowed in
    track opening phase. Through integration with the control room, the system can
    generate recall operator warning.


Through the use of geo-location devices (also already acquired by the ski area manager)
  • Real time tracking of operational vehicles
    • Snow cats
    • Support vehicles
  • Map plot and statistical analysis of work shifts
  • Mobile kiosk for vehicle operator (receiving / sending alarms and events from / to the control room)
  • Definition of risk areas and sending alarms / reporting for vehicles located in these areas
  • Definition of safe areas and sending of alarms / signals for vehicles leaving these areas

Ski lift management

For modern systems (controlled by PLC) it is possible to continuously monitor the status of the system.
  •     Remote remote control and operator panel for station control
  •     Automatic speed set up with control based on weather conditions
  •     Historicization of speed and system values
    •         Usage statistics
    •         Wear calculation (and component maintenance)
  •     Automatic error reporting to maintenance team / station manager

Evaluations for retrofitting non-automated / first-generation systems.

Preventive maintenance

The system has an engine for calculating and managing maintenance events by projecting the intervention dates on the calendar.
  •  Configurable maintenance cards
    •         Notification to operator intervention
    •         Attachments and details of the intervention
    •         Equipment list
    •         List of operators by qualification
    •         Material / supply list
  •     Intelligent calculation of maintenance dates related to actual plant use

Weather stations

Centralization of weather station data

Daily and seasonal statistics

  •         Temperature
  •         Humidity
  •         Wind speed
  •         Wind direction
  •         Rainfall
Instant data integration with station systems
  •         Skilifts
  •         Snow-making stations
  •         Variable message panels for users
  •         Business information systems

Snow-making stations

Snow-making workstations equipped with remote control systems
  • Cannon piloting by time schedule (manual and automatic)
  • Remote control
  • Type of snow correlated with environmental parameters
  • Historicization of usage metrics
    • Usage statistics
    • Calculation of water volumes
    • Wear calculation (and component maintenance)
  • Automatic error reporting to maintenance team / station manager
test environment

Accessing our test environment you will discover the infinite potential of the IDOM 4 SKI. On the portal you will find the configuration relating to a generic ski facility. Below is the link and login credentials.

To access the demo CLICK HERE and enter:

USERNAME: user_demo

PASSWORD: hery!2Togo